"My two have been going to the school since it first started and they still love going.
They always say they have had fun after
each session. They have both gained
confidence and new skills"
Jo Green


"Fantastic. Both my children attend
and absolutely love it."

Rose Cashmore


"Awesome performance everyone! Big appreciation for all the hard work, dedication and inspiration! Thanks! Thalia's come so far with her confidence... it's been really good for her. Looking forward to Ash having a go!"

Anji Saltmarsh


"I have personally been very impressed with what you did with the kids and greatly enjoyed the end of term productions"

Amanda May


"Ive just got back from the football club and Ellie's full of TTS, thank you all"

Michelle Copp


"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, the performance today was fantastic"

Laura Spittles


"Thank you for the epic presentation.

What fabulous teachers you are"

Pj Singh


"Keira had her first school show today
another 2 to go. Was so proud of her and the skills she had learnt with Theatre School 100% have helped her confidence and presentation"

Gem Cook