Some students may be keen to measure their improvements as a performer and prepare themselves for further training after Total Theatre School. We offer support and tutoring should a student decide they wish to enter for a LAMDA examination. If you are interested in knowing more about how LAMDA exams work and how we can help please contact us for more information.

We have already entered our first round of students with outstanding results!

Private Tuition & Public Speaking...


If you're preparing for a public speech, interview or presentation we know how daunting a prospect that can be.  We aim to help your diction and delivery so that you can face the task in hand with greater confidence. We have a great deal of experience having prepared for public presentations ourselves many times, so are fully aware of the tips and tricks needed (along with a good dose of practice of course!).


When applying to University or a Performing Arts School, a student may require help on a one to one basis and we offer expert tution. Not only do have we experience in tutoring students in their chosen audition pieces (from selecting the right piece through to interpretation and delivery) but we've also been through the process ourselves and are fully aware of what the 'panel' are looking for.  We can also help with song choice and interpretation. 


In addition there may be some would-be singers or actors out there who feel they need a little tuition before they take the next step. Whatever level you're at, we're able to offer some guidance and coaching to give you that step up.